Martellotto Perfect Food and Wine Pairings

Martellotto Perfect Food and Wine Pairings


Martellotto "La Rosa" Rosé

Rosé wine is perfect with warm days, oceans, and sunsets. I drink it all year long because it is such a food friendly wine. In fact, when in doubt, drink Rosé! Most vegetarian dishes will pair with Rosé. Seafood pairs well. Spicy foods like Chinese, Thai, and Mexican foods pair very well with Rosé too.

If you are going to grill foods on a Bar-B-Que, Rosé is probably the answer to the question, "What do I drink with any food coming off a grill?"

 Given the utility of Rosé wines, a cold bottle of Rosé is always in my refrigerator.

2017 Martellotto Viognier Santa Ynez Valley

Aromatic wines like Viognier are wonderful wines to pair with most salads, seafood, and veggies. These wines tend to have a higher acidity, so foods that are sauced with a vinegar based dressing need a white wine. Chicken is considered the healthy, white meat and it pairs very well with white wine.

Bright, acid driven wines often have no oak aging and are perfect to with salads and foods that have lemon juice or vinegar in them.


Martellotto Semi-Secco Bianco Vermouth

The Martellotto Semi-Secco Bianco Vermouth is "half-dry". The natural residual sugar from the grapes make this an ideal aperitif wine. If you're having tapas or a variety of appetizers, consider this wine over ice with a lemon twist. Or, add two parts of tonic water to one part of Vermouth for a refreshing beverage that will make your mouth pucker for more.

Sweeter wines are perfect for cheese courses and spicy foods too.


2017 Martellotto "Melodeon" Chardonnay

The Martellotto Chardonnay ages in oak, so it has a richness of flavor that includes toasted oak, vanilla, and even buttery popcorn. As a result, this wine is a match made in heaven for any foods that are cooked with butter. Roasted fish or a roast chicken with butter are excellent matches for this wine.

If your food is heavily buttered, consider using a white wine that has seen some oak aging. 

2017 Martellotto "Le Bon Temps Roule" Pinot Noir

The Martellotto Pinot Noir is more feminine and as a result, this is a medium-bodied wine that pairs well with foods that are light to medium in weight. I personally love this Pinot Noir with baked or sauteed salmon because the weight of the food and fish match so well. Pinot Noir is of course, a traditional pairing with boeuf bourguignon, a slow cooked stew with veggies and beef broth and a roux.

Since Pinot Noir is such an elegant wine, please be sure to serve it at the correct cellar temperature of 55 degrees. The bottle should be cool to the touch. If you don't have a thermometer handy, just put the bottle in the refrigerator for 20 minutes before drinking and you should be ready to enjoy it at the proper service temperature.

Pinot Noir is one of the most food friendly wines. It can pair with fish, particularly well with salmon, and it can go well with many meat and cheese dishes too.

Martellotto "My Way" Malbec

This is a medium-bodied wine that is full of flavor. I love this wine with Pizza and with any grilled meats. The bright fruit and weight of the wine pairs very well with a variety of foods including grilled sausages. I love this wine because it could be the first bottle of the night, or the third. A great food wine has solid fruit and a nice acidity, but it's not heavy. The Malbec does this all in spades.

I recommend chilling this wine down for 10-15 minute in the refrigerator prior to serving. This is an ideal backyard, BBQ wine.


2016 Martellotto "La Bomba" Cabernet Sauvignon

Full-bodied, bold red wines that see a fair amount of oak aging are ideal for red meats and heavier stewed dishes. The Martellotto Cabernet Sauvignon is the wine for steak night, whether you are dining in or out. But don't be too formal, as this wine is great with hamburgers, hard cheeses, and richly flavored roast meats.

Cabernet loves grilled meat, whether that is a hamburger, steak, or a roast.


Martellotto Winery doesn't currently produce sparkling wine, so we generally suggest you stick to Champagne. The real stuff, from France.

We don't currently produce any dessert wines either, but we love port with chocolate and aged Sauternes with strong cheeses.

Martellotto Wine & Cheese Pairings

Martellotto Wine & Cheese Pairings

In February 2019, three cheese experts met in Northern California for a wine and cheese Olympics of sorts. The cheesemongers spents hours tasting, reviewing and comparing dozens of cheeses to find the perfect match with the Martellotto winery current release wines. Here are their results: 

2017 Martellotto "Melodeon" Chardonnay

"Opulence and vivacity play tug-of-war in the glass with classic Chardonnay aromas of ripe apricot, baked pear, lemon curd, toasted hazelnuts, and even chamomile. The acidity sizzles keeping this rich wine toned, structured, and refreshing."

Gold: Ossau Iraty (Sheep - Pyrenees, France)
"This is a magnificently compelling cheese with robust flavors that dance and buzz when it meets Melodeon.  This pairing is like the lively conversation of two intelligent, intimate friends meeting after a long absence.  We just want to sit and listen or, in this case, indulge."

Silver: Van Dijk (Goat - Holland, Netherlands) 
"Like Rumplestiltskin, the nutty, creamy intensity of this cheese transforms Melodeon's vibrating acidity into pure silk.  Seductive!"

Bronze: Fromager d'Affinois Excellence (Cow - France) 
"This triple-cream is all buttery decadence but when paired with the Melodeon, the rich wine comes across friendly, fresh, and fantastically fruity."

Feeling bold? 
Try Oregonzola (Rogue River Creamery, Oregon, USA) 
"Want something less classic and more avant-garde?  Forego the triple cream and hunt down a piece of Oregonzola.  The cheese has a zesty bite that allows the wine to really show off its floral aromas and flavors.  This is a big cheese and this pairing dramatically showcases this wine's more delicate side."

Martellotto "La Rosa" Rosé

"This is a bigger body rosé with pronounced notes of watermelon, fresh thyme, and raspberry creme.  Goat's milk cheeses, with their punchy bite and bold infusions, were magic pairings over and again."

Gold: Purple Haze (Goat - Cypress Grove - California, USA)
"Flakes of lavender and wild fennel give this creamy cheese a dreamy bite.  It highlights the herbal, floral notes of the "La Rosa" in a spectacular way.  Mary Dedrick may have said it best: 'It was fucking good!'"

Silver: Fleurette (Goat - France)
"This is a mild, creamy - almost runny - Brie-like cheese and it makes this rosé absolutely bloom!  Flavors of roses, blossoms, early June.  This is delicate and delicious!"

Bronze: Humboldt Fog (Goat - Cypress Grove - California, USA)
"Quintessential Californian goat cheese with its characteristic line of vegetable ash gives this wine a serious, savory twist.  Each bite encourages another sip.  Which leads to another bite.  Then sip. You can see where this dance gets us."

2017 Martellotto "Le Bon Temps Roule" Pinot Noir

"Raspberry and cranberry flavors pair with notes of savory spice, dried herbs, and black salt.  The medium body and refreshingly snappy acidity means that this wine will be incredibly versatile with a huge range of cheeses.  Our enviable task? Find the best ones."

Gold: Comté (Raw Cow - Alps - France)
"A serious cheese with grassy, floral, toasty notes and a subtle barny funk.  This is a serious cheese but when tasted alongside this Pinot, the good times do begin to roll!  The wine shows off its juicy, fresh, playful side that makes us think of the best of Morgon, Fleurie, or Julienas.  Glou glou all the way!  Two bottles ought to accompany every wedge of Comté."

Silver: Applewood Smoked Cheddar (Cow - Carr Family - Wisconsin, USA)
"Cheddar doesn't often play nice with wine, especially with delicate, lighter wines. Smoke that Cheddar over apple wood?  Forget about it; or, so we thought.  This smoky, sweet, massively masculine cheese let the Pinot act the silky, smooth seductress.  Opposites do attract."

Bronze: Iberico (Cow, Goat, Sheep - Spain)
"This three-milk triple threat from the rugged interior of Spain has a pronounced savoriness - almost meaty in its salty rusticity.  After a bite, one sip of this Pinot lets the lavender, rosemary, sage elements shine.  The wine tastes juicy and undeniably fresh."

2016 Martellotto "Il Capoccia" Riserva Red Blend

"This Merlot-based blend is a powerhouse: fine grained tannins form the structure for rich blackberry, plum, dark cherry, and even chocolate notes."

Gold: Piave (Cow - Italy)
"This aged cow cheese from Italy has subtle nutty, grass-like notes that offer the purest pairing for Il Capoccia - it accents the wine's velvety texture perfectly!"

Silver: Midnight Moon (Goat - Holland, Netherlands)
"The buttery nuttiness of this cheese takes 6 months to develop but enjoying it with Il Capoccia takes seconds.  The wine brings its darkside to light: potent, imposing, brooding, and undeniably attractive."

Bronze: Le Roulé (Cow - France)
"Another marriage of opposites - this young cheese is infused with garlic and rosemary and offers a tangy, zesty flair to its light texture.  Partnered with this zippy cheese, "the Bossman" comes across elegant and aristocratic. Think Gregory Peck, James Bond, or even Sherlock Holmes."

Martellotto "My Way" Malbec

"Lush and decadent - this blend of 80% Malbec and 20% Petit Verdot is all velvet and toasty oak in an inky dark package.  Hints of baking spices and the most polished tannins frame the rich fruit.  Pure pleasure."

Gold: Black Bomber Cheddar (Cow - Morth, Wales, UK)
"This extra-mature Cheddar has all the stuffing to hold up to the inky, hedonistic "My Way".  The bombastic flavors of the cheese and the wine complement each other magnificently!"

Silver: Ewephoria (Sheep - the Netherlands)
"Caramelly and crystaline, this aged Gouda isn't shy or subtle in the least.  Malbec lends a potent but refreshing wave of fruitiness that brightens and uplifts the pairing.  A little of the cheese goes a long way."

Bronze: Chimay Vieux (Washed Rind - Cow - Belgium)
"Chimay Vieux brings a funky, creamy component to the Malbec - the contrast with the sumptuous density of the wine fascinates!  This pairing surprised and delighted us."

2016 Martellotto "La Bomba" Cabernet Sauvignon

"This Cabernet isn't shy of its fruit, its power, or its structure.  Plush dark, ripe fruit is accented by vanilla, cinnamon, baking spice and under-gird with incredibly polished tannins."

Gold: Truffle (Cow - Fromager d'Affinois - France)
"We were stunned how this truffle infused double cream - with its salty, earthy, creaminess - softened the tannins and accented (and sweetened) the fruit of "La Bomba".  We went back for seconds and thirds.  You know, just to be sure."

Silver: Grand Noir (Cow - Germany)
"We loved this cheese!  Earthy, herbal, sweet, salty, funky, creamy, fabulous!  It had everything but overwhelmed all the other wines we had tried to pair with it - except "La Bomba".  The sheer weight of this wine with its abundant fruit and enviable structure was more than a match: it's an absolute must-try combination!"

Bronze: Le Fleur Vert (Goat - France)
"Peppery, fresh, and floral this youthful goat cheese is infused with thyme, tarragon, and pink peppercorns.  It offers a delicate counterpoint to "La Bomba's" sheer force.  The wine gains a very attractive vibrancy with this unexpected pairing."

Martellotto Semi-Secco Bianco Vermouth

"Like eating dessert in the garden on a warm evening in early summer.  There are abundant floral notes comingling with hints of mandarins, fresh herbs, carmelized sugar, and vanilla."

Gold: Meredith Dairy Marinated Feta (Sheep & Goat - USA)
"Goat and sheep milk feta marinated in olive oil with black peppercorns, and sprigs of rosemary and thyme.  There is a mouthwatering creamy piquancy to this cheese that stretches the capabilities of this delicate Vermouth to the fullest.  The subtle sweet notes and the vibrant acidic edge of the wine balance the spice of the peppercorns and the divine creaminess of the cheese."

Silver: Domaine du Vallage (Cow - France)
"This Vermouth is a a delicate wine with a lot of understated power.  Domaine du Vallage triple-cream offers a solid canvas for the wine to really come alive.  It seems incredibly playful and vibrant in this pairing."

Bronze: Guffanti Baked Ricotta Limone (Cow - Italy)
"Holy shit!  Lemon cheesecake!  This cheese had the room buzzing and coming around for more!  No one could believe how dessert like the flavors were.  The Semi-Secco Vermouth - with its notes of mandarin and lemon peel - was a beautiful partner for this baked ricotta."


The Expert Cheese Judges:

Tyler Lee ~ As an undergraduate, he studied literature in Rome and then went on to receive his Master's in Victorian literature in Scotland. He has since married his love of literature with wine.  He cut his professional teeth in the industry as a Wine, Beer and Spirits Buyer at Whole Foods Market.  After Whole Foods Market, he sequestered himself to the Gold Country and helped friends start a vineyard, maintain a prolific citrus orchard and continued his wine studies. In 2018 he was awarded the WSET Diploma. Currently Tyler is the Operations Manager at Vino Noceto, one of the top wineries in the Sierra Foothills.  

Mary Dedrick ~  Mary's foodie career and fabulous adventures started in S. California as a private chef and in-house coordinator for a major talent agency, as well as a representative for major Specialty retailers until she decided to move up to N. California and contribute to a community that now enjoys an enthusiastic and growing wine and cheese culture in the Sierra foothills.  Dedrick's Cheese opened in 2002 and has over 250 types of cheese as well as a full selection of other specialty items including cured meats, crackers, and bakery items.  Mary currently has a location in Placerville, CA -along with 7 other satellite locations around N. California and participates in farmer's markets around N. California.   Dedrick's Cheese also pairs local wines with cheeses for many winery events in N. California.  Mary Dedrick has served as a judge for the CA State Fair for last 5 years as well as the Chief Cheese Judge for 7 years.

Danielle Slater ~ Danielle was in the first national graduating class to be certified by the American CheeseSociety as a Certified Cheese Specialist (ACSCCP) while enjoying a career in leadership with Whole Foods Market guiding Buyers and Teams in Cheese, Wine, Beer as well as other specialty products.  Danielle spent time representing Whole Foods and a major cheese producer on numerous morning wine and cheese pairing and cooking segments on Good Day Sacramento and Fox Morning shows.  She now enjoys growing French and Italian grapes, as well as citrus and olives, on a ranch in N. California.

Santa Barbara County Wine: Part 7

Santa Barbara County Wine: Part 7

In the Santa Barbara Wine Country, Los Olivos makes wine tasting easy and fun at the Los Olivos Promenade. Here you can savor an array of Santa Barbara County Wine in one place!

The town of Los Olivos is small, charming, and historic which only adds to this lively experience.