About Martellotto Winery

The story of Martellotto (which means big hammer in Italian) begins in Alberobello in Puglia, Italy, where Greg’s grandfather left the old country in 1918 to find a new, better life for himself and his progeny.

“When my life is challenging, I try to remember how difficult it must have been for nonno to pass through Ellis Island with little education, money or wherewithal. My grandparents successfully raised four children who all attended graduate school. Given that my nonno produced wine in his basement for the local Italian community in the Bronx during Prohibition, it’s possible that my destiny in wine is genetically encoded.” ~ Greg Martellotto

Winemaking wasn’t Greg’s initial career trajectory; with a degree in Human Biology from Stanford and a Masters degree in Public Health from the University of Texas, he intended to become a doctor. However, the allure and enticements of the vine were too strong to resist. There was no turning back once he set his mind to it, and against the advice of logical, rational mentors and friends, Greg ventured into winemaking, sales and distribution.

“In 2004, I worked harvests in Baja California, Mexico and Santa Barbara. My first mentors were Clay Brock at Zaca Mesa, Mike Sinor at Ancient Peaks, and Mike Roth at Demetria Estate.”

Since 2014, Martellotto Winery has shared a production warehouse in Buellton with Paolo Barbieri, MS and Lo-Fi wines. Paolo makes Rhone varietal wines to sell through his tasting room. Mike is producing some of the best “natural” wines in California. Martellotto’s focus is on Bordeaux varietals from Happy Canyon.