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More and more people ask me questions like, “What is your philosophy for making wine?” In a world awash in wine with abounding new wine brands amid increased distributor consolidation, I’m constantly looking for wines that jump out of the glass and surprise me. I’m not easily surprised. Balanced alcohol, oak tannins, and zippy acidity that make my lips smack are qualities of wines I find appealing. I believe great wine complements life. Wine is shared at peak moments and becomes a tool to make memories and experiences more vibrant. Wine brings levity and joy. Personally, I’m fastidious about what I ingest and attentive to every meal. For this reason, I’ve begun providing full disclosure with all technical information available on the rear wine label. I would rather have a wine that represents a vintage and shows variety, than a wine that is uniform, bland or painted by numbers. Wine is art and science, romantic and intimate, and it’s also fermented grapes. ~Greg Martellotto