How to Make Insanely Delicious Private Label Wine for LESS Money!

How to Make Insanely Delicious Private Label Wine for LESS Money!

You CAN make your own private label, insanely delicious wine, and spend less than you would for the same wine at retail. 

AND you have a wine that no one else has!

Why Make Your Own Private Label Wine?

Many people want to make wine today. But instead of commercializing wine, why not make your own wine for personal consumption? Some reasons you might want to make your own private label wine include:

  1. It’s easy and it reduces your cost per bottle versus retail.
  2. You’ll have your favorite wine on-hand all the time.
  3. You can drink better wine for less.
  4. Friends and family will be impressed.
  5. You can give it away to clients or for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.
  6. Someone is getting married and you need a lot of wine.
  7. It is the ultimate in personalization.
  8. You can share a barrel among friends.
  9. Because you can.

In short: Better Wine, Less Money! You can be the pioneer among your friends.

What are the Benefits to Contracting with a Winery?

It’s no secret creating wine is an expensive proposition. The joke goes: to build a fortune in the wine business, start with a larger fortune. 

If you want to enjoy the benefits of having a premium custom wine with your own label, then contracting out with a winery makes sense. 

The winery does all the work, including licensing and compliance, such as label approvals, reducing most of the risk.

You can choose one of their existing wines or you can create your own custom blend. 

It costs MUCH less than if you bought the same wine at a retail store, so you save money.

You’ll learn a lot about wine depending on your involvement in the process.  According to Wine Spectator, an average wine barrel contains roughly 60 gallons of wine. This represents about 25 cases or 300 bottles.

You can arrange for one barrel of wine and have 25 cases sent to your home.  Each one of the 300 bottles could show your face, or your dog’s. At one bottle a week, the wine would last for six months. The cost runs about half that of buying the very same wine off a retail shelf. 

It’s Easy to Get Started

Find a winery partner.

For the wine, determine the quantity, the type and style, and the bottle and label you want. 

Cost depends on the quantity, the wine, the bottle size and style and the label. Delivery costs are additional. 

The winery will craft your wine, bottle and label it and deliver it depending on your needs. 

Too Good to be True?

In the past, bulk wine producers made most private label wines of low quality and low price. Many still do but other producers have entered the market. You find more higher-quality private label wines now.

But not many individuals have a private label wine to serve in their homes. Custom private label wines for personal use have not yet caught on in the market.

Producers haven’t really considered reaching out to those consumers who might be interested.

Therefore, it can be difficult to find the right winery that offers what you want, when you want it and at the price point and quality level you want. 

Not every winery has access to premium grapes or equipment to make and age such wines. And not every winery is interested in making wine at smaller quantities.

Drink Better Private Label Wine for Less Money 

If you are serious about having your own private label wine, and you love Santa Barbara County wines, contact Martellotto WInery.

Martellotto Winery offers a unique opportunity to have your own top-quality wine. Choose one of our wines or work with our winemakers to create a custom wine. 

With access to the best vineyards in Santa Barbara County, Martellotto will make your premium quality Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir or Chardonnay at a fraction of the retail price.

Minimum quantities run around 336 cases. Cost can run anywhere from $10 to $30 per bottle for wine retailing from $20 - $60 per bottle.

We do the work, so you don’t have to. Call to schedule a private tasting and quote. Contact Greg at (619) 567-9244.

Martellotto Winery Announces Custom Crush and Private Label Wine Options

Martellotto Winery Announces Custom Crush and Private Label Wine Options

Award-winning Martellotto Winery announces custom crush and private label wine options for winemakers and retailers.

Martellotto Winery located in Buellton, CA, now works with winemakers and retailers to create custom wines for their clients. With access to the best vineyards in Santa Barbara County, Martellotto opened its facilities for those wanting to make their own wines at less cost.

“Our goal at Martellotto Winery is for everyone to make and drink better wine,” says owner Greg Martellotto. “With our passion for outstanding wines from Santa Barbara’s world-class vineyards, we want to partner with people who want to make great wine. We also make premium quality value-priced wine for the retail market.”

Because making wine today is a costly endeavor, custom crush operations have grown. If you want to make and sell wine but don’t have the capital or the desire to own a vineyard or a winery, the option is to contract with a custom crush facility.

Also, private label wines are a growing segment of the market and consumers are warming up to these options. However, premium quality wines are still lacking. Operations that can provide high-quality wines for private labels are in short supply.

Martellotto Winery is a full service, grape to bottle facility. Winemaking options for interested parties include:

    • Buying grapes and making wine
    • Buying juice and fermenting and aging wine
    • Buying finished wine and bottling and labeling it
    • Contracting for private/white label wines

Services include:

  • Crushing
  • Fermenting
  • Tank or barrel storage
  • Bottling and labeling

The cost of all materials for custom crush are the responsibility of the contracting party and minimum case amounts apply. Private label terms vary.

Retailers, restaurants, wine clubs and others that want premium quality value-priced wines for their customers need look no further. Martellotto will help develop value-priced premium private-label wines that compete with the best branded wines.

Consumer demand is driving both the custom crush and private label segments. Martellotto Winery embraces custom crush clients and winemakers and private label clients to develop small lot premium wines that appeal to consumers. 

 About Martellotto Winery

Set deep in the heart of Santa Barbara wine country, Martellotto Winery makes handcrafted, beautiful and exciting wines using selected grapes from across California’s Central Coast. American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) include Happy Canyon AVA, Sta. Rita Hills AVA, Santa Ynez Valley AVA, and Santa Maria Valley AVA. Owner and winemaker, Greg Martellotto, specializes in Bordeaux varietals. Martellotto Winery is one of the few wineries producing single varietal wines of all five of the noble Bordeaux grapes: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Malbec.


Greg Martellotto, Owner            

Martellotto Winery

(619) 567-9244

Wine Scores & Awards: Try Before You Buy?

Wine Scores & Awards: Try Before You Buy?

Do Wine Scores and Wine Awards Help Consumers?

Evaluating wine is subjective. Wine scores are guidelines based on criteria set up by the person creating the score. Wine competitions are also subjective. The results in a competition reflect consensus scores and votes of the judges on the panel based on the criteria set.

Scores and medals are used extensively by winemakers and wine marketers to create demand for a wine among consumers. In selling their wine, these are effective tools.

what wine scores tell consumers

What Wine Scores Tell Consumers

According to Wine Folly, “The 100-point wine rating system has become the benchmark of quality in the wine industry.” This scale started as one man’s opinion (Robert Parker.) As he became influential, the industry adopted it as the benchmark. 

Parker wanted to provide consumers with a way to determine which wines were well-made, and which ones he enjoyed. Through his influence, the global wine market changed. Many wineries improved their wine-making techniques, which resulted in higher-quality wine. As Parker’s reputation increased, he became the ‘go-to’ expert on rating wine.

For those who enjoy the same types of wines that Parker does, his ratings were invaluable. For those who don’t, the ratings can be used as a general guideline on a technical level for quality. The same goes for ratings from other critics and experts in the industry. Use their scores only if your taste aligns with theirs.

Scores are not helpful when comparing wines from different countries, regions, production methods or growing methods. If two wines are rated 95, but have different factors, the score tells you little except that the critic liked them both about the same. For instance, Robert Parker rated many red wines from Napa Valley and Bordeaux 95+, but very few white wines from New Zealand or Australia. Depending on your tastes, you may like one over the other because of the differences.

Critics don’t drink every wine in the world, so many available wines are not scored. Consumers are overlooking gems and quality wines at great values when they pass over these wines. 

Crowd-sourced applications, like Vivino, Delectable, or Cellar-tracker, provide scores based on the average of all responses. You may or may not like a wine that gets a higher rating, just as your tastes may or may not align with those who are rating the wines.

what wine awards tell consumers

What Wine Awards Tell Consumers

Buying a wine that earned a medal is no guarantee that you will like the wine. That said, wine competitions typically offer a broader assessment of wine quality versus the opinion of a single critic. 

The quality of the tasting, including the judges, has a direct bearing on the results. Professional judges, such as sommeliers, winemakers and other industry experts, lead to more trusted results. 

The better competitions use blind tastings of all wines to remove bias in the results. Using various tasting rounds ensures that wines are tasted under different conditions for more consistent results.

Wine competitions offer the following benefits for consumers:

  • finding new wines of quality and value
  • learning about new or talented winemakers
  • benchmarking for comparing wines
  • validating consumer choice 
  • guidance in the face of too many choices
  • if scores are used, they provide a familiar reference point

Besides these direct benefits for consumers, wine competitions provide benefits for wineries that can inform consumer choice:

  • discovering new wines or new winemakers
  • learning about quality, region, vineyard, vintage or style
  • brand building and recognition
  • benchmarking vs competition
  • reaching customers in an important region
  • interacting with industry experts, importers, exporters, wholesalers and journalists 

more than wine scores awards

Besides Ratings and Awards, What Else?

Taste, taste, taste, taste. Then taste more.

By tasting as many different types and styles of wine over time, you will find the wines you like. If you use scores, compare what you like to critics’ ratings and find those critics whose taste is similar. With award-winning wines, search for those that suit your palate. 

Go to wine tastings. Visit your local wine shop and talk to the owner. Ask for a taste of something new when at a bar or restaurant. Read about wine from multiple sources. Keep an open mind. Make your own decisions about the wines you like and why.

martellotto winery wine scores awards

Award-winning Martellotto WInery Values Transparency

Martellotto Winery continues to win awards for its unique wines sourced from top vineyards in Santa Barbara County. These wines reveal vibrant acidity combined with bright fruit and depth of character and flavor. 

With our healthy and sustainably farmed grapes, we combine creative fermentation techniques with artistic blending to produce wines that are distinctive and delicious. Try the remarkable wines of Martellotto Winery today and find the ones that "speak" to you.